My Review of 3 Excellent Microdermabrasion Machines

Have you ever been to a spa for microdermabrasion treatment? I used to go for regular diamond microdermabrasion sessions at my local spa. It was quite a rejuvenating experience, and the dermabrasion felt  like a firm massage on the face and it wasn’t intrusive at all. After the session, my face looked a little flushed (like I’ve just been out for a run) and it felt really smooth to the touch. I felt it was very effective in removing dead skin and blackheads on my skin, and in uncovering the softer, more radiant layers underneath.

I took packages of 10 sessions and I think it came down to around $60-$70 per session. It can be straining on the budget, to be honest, and I haven’t been going for treatments for over a year now. Recently, however, my interest in microdermabrasion has been rekindled, thanks to the craze among my lady friends for at home microdermabrasion kits! Costing $150-300 at the higher end, home diamond microdermabrasion machines brings the spa to the convenience of the home, and easily pays for itself in several treatments

I’ve had the opportunity to sample 3 of these machines, courtesy of two very kind ladies :)  Below are my experience and thoughts after using them.

1. MicrodermMD Medical Grade Home Microdermabrasion Machine

To be honest, my first impression of this machine was that it looked a tad cheaply made for something that cost over $250 (maybe it was just the color and the texture of the plastic case).

However, once we operated it and tested it on my face, it felt really good – the diamond wand glided easily enough over the skin without any hick or discomfort. The suction was good, though clearly less strong than the professional treatments I had received in the spa, but I felt it was more than adequate for home use (especially if you are doing it on yourself!)

What I liked about this machine is that it is clearly constructed with the lay consumer in mind, as the buttons and instructions are all very clear and you’d have no confusions on how to use it. My friend who owns this machine also told me that the customer service from Trophy Skin, the manufacturer, was excellent as they replaced a faulty diamond wand swiftly without questions early on.

My main reservation is the price, and perhaps also the blackhead removal wand, which didn’t seem to work for me (perhaps my blackheads are just too deeply embedded :( and I didn’t know how to use it properly)

2. New Spa Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Kit

First impressions – the casing of this device looked very solid and professional, and indeed the entire exterior of the machine looks very well constructed.

In terms of operation, the buttons are very minimalist in design – all you need to know is how to power on/off and to turn the knob to adjust the suction power.

What I like most about this machine is its suction power – its rated 16inHg, typical of most home microdermabrasion kits – but I felt that its maximum suction felt very close to those professional machines in spas (and I had to turn it down a notch as I was just testing it and didn’t really want a deep dermabrasion). Like the MicrodermMD, the diamond wands are also excellent, gliding smoothly across the skin.

Overall, this is a very solidly constructed and powerful device in my opinion, and the noise levels are also surprisingly low. If I wanted to be picky I’d say the only ‘flaw’ was that it looked slightly chunky and metallic, but hey, at less than $200 that’s something I can live with :)

3. Kendal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

The last kit I tried was the Kendal. This machine is actually owned by the same friend who owns the MicrodermMD – she purchased the Kendal for her daughter earlier, but know that her daughter has left the country for work, she ended up with two machines.

The Kendal is a very compact machine, but don’t judge it by its size. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, it can produce a suction power of up to 26inHg, which is the rating of most professional machines! But that also means that you’ve got to be careful not to scratch your skin on the higher settings.

I operated the machine at about half the maximum power and it already gave quite a good suction. Again, this machine is also very easy to operate. However, I actually prefer the feeling of the wand of the MicrodermMD and New Spa over my face compared to the Kendal, especially over the cheek area. This could be perhaps due to my rather pronounced cheekbones, but the Kendal did feel just so slightly less smooth over that area.

Overall, this is an excellent and powerful machine and it actually costs slightly less than the New Spa.

 Verdict: Weighing the costs, quality of construction and the ease of use, I would recommend the New Spa machine over the other 2 systems.  

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